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We would categorize our Operations broadly into Materials Supplying Services.

1.MRO(maintenance, repair, operations):
We do Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) involves maintaining, repairing, and replacing if necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, governmental, and residential installations. Over time, this has come to often include both scheduled and preventive maintenance as cost-effective practices. Scheduled inspections have also come to fall under MRO.

Supplies consumed in the production process but which do not either become part of the end product or are not central to the firm's output.

2. Material Supply:
Materials Management can deal with campus planning and building design for the movement of materials, or with logistics that deal with the tangible components of a supply chain. Specifically, this covers the acquisition of spare parts and replacements, quality control of purchasing and ordering such parts, and the standards involved in ordering, shipping, and warehousing the said parts.

Materials management is the function responsible for the coordination of planning, sourcing, purchasing, moving, storing and controlling materials in an optimum manner in order to provide a pre-decided service to the customer at a minimum cost.

We search the present market and provide the material to customer as per their requirements. We are dealing with the followings.

We are supplier of Office stationery, Safety Signage, LED digital display board, computer, Laptops, Calibration Tools, Heavy Machinery and their parts for Various Industries. We are provider of AMC for AC. We supply Lab material for School and Colleges.

Fire Extinguishers are supposed to be used for small fire or fire in an initial stage. For large fires, Fire Extinguishers they might not be useful. So in a sense, you can call Fire Extinguishers as Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems, useful for fires in their initial stage. But the detection will, remain manual or visual; as seen by the person near the fire.

We are Supplier of Fire Extinguisher and Maintenance.

. Fire extinguisher supply and maintenance.

· Installation of first aid fire fighting equipment's and fixed fire fighting installation.

· Supply of Safety material and demonstration for uses.

· AMC for safety equipment's.

. Fire extinguishers and extinguishers accessories

· Safety related training & training material.

. Safety related flex printing & LED digital display boards.

3.Operations management:

Operations management is chiefly concerned with planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services. As such, it is delivery-focused, ensuring that an organization successfully turns inputs to outputs in an efficient manner.

4. Production And Operation Management Introduction :

Production/operations management is the process, which combines and transforms various resources used in the production/operations subsystem of the organization into value added product/services in a controlled manner as per the policies of the organization. Therefore, it is that part of an organization, which is concerned with the transformation of a range of inputs into the required (products/services) having the requisite quality level.

The set of interrelated management activities, which are involved in manufacturing certain products, is called as production management. If the same concept is extended to services management, then the corresponding set of management activities is called as operations management.

5. Repairs or Maintenance :

The Facilities Repair & Renovation Services is responsible for general maintenance, repair, alterations, and renovations of campus facilities including building interiors and exteriors.