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rsguru Ecommerece Management Software As an experienced e-Commerce solutions provider, we have helped create some rich e-commerce web applications, which when measured through business metrics, have offered our customers higher revenues and greater visibility of their products. Our expertise spans across B2B and B2C e-Commerce portals. We develop optimized e-Commerce portals and applications that provide customers a seamless shopping experience across multiple devices. When an e-Commerce site is optimized on a range of devices, it helps improve sales, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. Further an e-Commerce site needs to be connected with other independent systems to work effectively. We integrate Inventory, CRM, Finance & Accounting Systems, Order Management System, ERP, and other systems to e-commerce sites, while ensuring complete accuracy and efficiency.

Our custom data reporting provides valuable insights on customers' behavior and the site performance and enable create a profitable strategy. We help you find out your online store's sales, most popular products and catalogs, abandon rates, average order value, conversion rates, and so on. We develop custom applications that help you expand your presence to mobile devices and social networks. Easy and secure payment processing is inevitable for e-Commerce sites. We offer payment gateway integration and processing platform development services that enable you to offer a secure and pleasant shopping experience to your customers. E-Commerce sites need to be PCI compliant to take secure payments from customers and protect them against any transactional fraud. We help you meet the PCI standards for compliance and ensure safer online payments. We help you protect your e-commerce site and sensitive customer data from hackers. Our advanced safety measures, robust database design, anti-virus and anti-hacking technology enable you safeguard your site and sensitive customer data and thus help retain the trust of customers.